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тунелийг цуглаан – tunnel session

during the 2013 татум streetart festival in UB a graffiti & painting session takes place from  June 14 – 16  at  sansar tunnel location on openstreetmap press       Advertisements

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монголын дараагийн дагалдсан соёл – mongolian subculture

Yesterday I had a gladdening experience. I got a txt message from a friend that said that there is a party organiced by young street artists. It described the location (because there is almost no street names and numbering system … Continue reading

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шивэсэний Чингис_хаан – tattooed Genghis Khan

here seen

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согогтой харагдах – defective appearance

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давхарга хагарах – decay of strata

link to location

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хайр – love

to be found here

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