монголын дараагийн дагалдсан соёл – mongolian subculture

Stencil preparation at Design Park, 2 artists working on a big portrait of Mr Zorig, leader of the country's 1990 democratic revolution and murdered 2 October 1998

Yesterday I had a gladdening experience. I got a txt message from a friend that said that there is a party organiced by young street artists. It described the location (because there is almost no street names and numbering system in UB as we know it from foreign countries) and that it will start somewhen in the early evening. I waited for this! Although pretty tired from work I went there by puplic transport (I love bus rides somehow) and found to the described place. I was just impressed and so happy to finde some creative subculture space in UB.

Recently I saw ‘exit through the gift shop’ starring Thierry Guetta aka Mr Brainwash and Banksy. I was so overwelmed of the activism the movie expresses, but what I saw there in the Design Park gave me the same feeling, subculture at it´s powerful best – arrhuthmia ;-)

So, anyone who want to go there here is the location and how to get there:

It´s east side of Dragon [Bus] Center in the Suljee Factory 2nd floor. When you arrive at the Drageon Center there is a big grey building at the east side. You can see the posters on the fence in front.

Bring a mask!

updates here

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