дүрвэгч хаан – Refugee Khan

Demolished Genghis Khan warrior

Demolished Genghis Khan warrior on the outside of a UB resaturant that run away from new profit-making buildings

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дайн гаргахгүй – make not war

never again

never again

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тунелийг цуглаан – tunnel session

MSA 041-1during the 2013 татум streetart festival in UB a graffiti & painting session takes place from  June 14 – 16  at  sansar tunnel

location on openstreetmap


assembling horse, eagle & warrior

assembling horse, eagle & warrior

artists in action

in action




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скэйтэртэи охин – skater girl

skater girl

skater girl

a serie of four girls with a skateboard with the same motif is graffitied  here  in the building passage

MSA 040-2MSA 040-3MSA 040-4total view in the passage

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a black sprayed stencil flow out in red

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forever in beton

art @ sites #3

a heart carved in concrete surface

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art @ sites #2

image of people kind of thai boxing and a marmot on concrete

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